Southern California Towing

Auto Storage

AACE Auto Storage provides short or long-term car storage for customers. Customers will have their car picked up for storage and delivered back when storage is no longer required. Even if you are not in our service area, but want to store your car with us you can contract with an auto transport company to bring your car to us.

Our spacious facility affords your car protected  storage, safe from theft or tampering or other potential damage. We’ll keep your car safe and in running condition. Whether you just need more space in your own garage, or you need someone to look after your automobile short or long-term until you are ready for pickup.

How We Store Your Car

Cars are stored locked in our secure facility and are kept in running condition. Every thirty days fluid levels are checked and your car is started and run for at least 15 minutes. During this time all doors will be opened and the car is given a chance to “air out”, this lessens the likelihood of the car having a musty “been in storage“ odor at the end of the storage period. The car is moved within the facility to lessen the possibility that the tires will develop “flat spots”, and to help keep seals moist and the bearings and gears lubricated. While the car is running the air conditioner and the heater are turned on. If at any time car will not start or has other problems, you will be notified. Before we deliver your car back to you we will make sure it’s freshly washed.

What We Do When We Accept your Car for Storage

  • Inspect the car inside and out noting any imperfections.
  • Make a copy of your proof of ownership (copy of title and/or registration).
  • Make a copy of your ID.

3 Ways To Get Your Car in Storage

  • We’ll pick it up if you’re in our service area.
  • Deliver it yourself to our facility.
  • Contract with a car transport truck to bring your car(s) to us.